From zero to hero: how Emma Raducanu can restart after an injury

Her stop is not necessarily something completely negative

by Lorenzo Ciotti
From zero to hero: how Emma Raducanu can restart after an injury

Emma Raducanu will have to respect a forced stop of at least five months. The young British player has informed her fans that she underwent a surgery on both hands. Raducanu has tried to live with the pain in recent months, but she had to surrender to the problems in order not to jeopardize her future in the world of tennis.

In the long letter addressed to her fans, the winner of the 141st edition of the US Open revealed that she had reduced the number of hours spent on the court before matches and canceled many training sessions just to continue competing.

A solution that didn't bring her great benefits and which ultimately had a strong impact on her physical condition. This stop, however, is not necessarily something completely negative. After winning the US Open at the age of 18, Emma went through a very complicated professional period.

the young British player wasn't able to keep the pressure of the expectations that were placed on her. Stringing together a really bad series of results. At the same time, Emma has become a social media star, attracting criticism from many fans and insiders, who accuse her (UNJUSTLY!) of dedicating herself too much to off-the-court activities rather than tennis.

Such individuals need to remember that Emma is only 20 years old, and it is normal for a girl so young and that she has found success so early, to enjoy her life as well. However we know that Emma is a pro, and now, with this long break and rehabilitation, she will have to understand what it really means to be a successful tennis player.

After the many criticisms suffered in the last year and a half, she has the opportunity to put herself in and work hard, and demonstrate, if there were still need, her enormous talent. Emma wrote on Twitter: "It's safe to say the last ten months have been tough considering I've had to deal with recurring bone injuries in both hands.

I tried my best to manage the pain and play through it in the first part of this season and the last part of last season, dramatically reducing work hours and missing weeks of training. Unfortunately that wasn't enough. I underwent a little hand surgery to fix the problem.

I am sad to announce that I will be out for the next five months and will need to have another minor ankle operation in the meantime. It hurts me to know that I will miss all summer events. I tried to minimize the problems, so I want to thank the fans who supported me without knowing the facts.

Can't wait to see you all back on the court." After clearly losing against Jelena Ostapenko in the first round of the Stuttgart tournament, Raducanu withdrew from the WTA 1000 in Madrid a few hours after her debut. The British will therefore not be able to participate at the Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open.

Emma Raducanu