Andy Murray can still win Wimbledon


Andy Murray can still win Wimbledon

In more than one interview, Andy Murray has stated that he can still win Wimbledon and establish himself on the lawns of the All England Club. The former world number one, this year, has decided not to participate in the Roland Garros precisely in order not to compromise his physical strength in view of the season on grass.

Murray has triumphed twice at Wimbledon: first in 2013 by clearly beating an exhausted Novak Djokovic in the final; the second in 2016 always overcoming Milos Raonic in three sets. "It will be more difficult than six years ago to win Wimbledon, but I continue to believe in it and work as hard as I can to achieve the goal," he said.

Murray is currently registered only in the ATP 500 tournament at Queen's and could therefore participate in only one event before playing his chances at Wimbledon. This year the London tournament will be able to count on the presence of Carlos Alcaraz, Holger Rune and the two-time reigning champion Matteo Berretti.

Can Murray really win Wimbledon? The counter-answer is: can Novak Djokovic really not win this edition of Wimbledon? Andy Can aspire to go all the way on the lawns of the court centre-stage. But everything will basically depend on Djokovic, the real favorite at Church Road.

Murray, in a tennis that now no longer has real grass-court experts (basically also because today's grass-courts are different stuff than those of 20 years ago), has all the experience to be able to aspire to something great.

He is the only one, besides Nile (and Nadal, who however will be absent - ed.) to have won at Wimbledon. And to have the necessary experience to be able to achieve a sensational goal. Dreaming costs nothing, after all. Tim Henman, who stopped four times in the semifinals at Wimbledon, believes Murray can reach the second week in London without too much trouble.

He explained to the Express: "When I reflect on how well he played in Australia and think of all the difficult matches he has managed to overcome, I have no doubt that he will make it to week two at Wimbledon. At that point, the board may open.

He has to get through the first week and build that confidence capable of giving him an important boost in view of subsequent commitments. His experience is invaluable. There aren't many opportunities to play on this surface because the grass season is quite short.

So tennis players don't have much time to accumulate experience. Murray, on the other hand, has won Wimbledon twice and will have the support of the entire crowd. I can't wait to see him play Wimbledon."

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