History repeats itself: Novak Djokovic in tears like Roger Federer in 2019


History repeats itself: Novak Djokovic in tears like Roger Federer in 2019
History repeats itself: Novak Djokovic in tears like Roger Federer in 2019

Novak Djokovic suffered the most painful defeat of his career at Wimbledon, beaten in 5 wonderful sets by the Spanish player Carlos Alcaraz. In the interview on the court during the awards ceremony, a déjà-vu happened, exactly six years later.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion couldn't hold back the tears, the same way Roger Federer did in 2019, after his epic final loss to the Serbian. Nole said: "It's nice to see my son still up there, smiling. I love you. Thanks for supporting me.

I'm giving you a big hug and we can all love each other. Thank you." In 2019 it was Roger in tears, thinking of the great missed opportunity, not taking advantage of the two match points that would have allowed him to win the 9th Wimbledon title and the 21st Major in his career.

The wheel of destiny has turned, and this time it's Djokovic's tears.

Djokovic's words

The Serbian, winner of the last 4 editions of the prestigious London tournament, was excited when asked about the family and specifically about his son Stefan.
In the interview on the court, Nole also said: "I want to congratulate Carlos and all of his team, he absolutely deserved to win this match.

The way he played the last game was impressive. I knew he plays great on clay and hard courts, but not on grass. It's impressive how well you've adapted to this surface. It's not pleasant to lose matches like that but I know I've won close games like this, that I could have lost.

I work every day to compete in races like this. I am grateful to have played so many matches like this in my career, I lost to a better player and I hope to come out stronger. I don't have much to say, it was due to frustration, I had break points in the second game, but he played well and he played great in the next game and that was the win.

Regrets during the match? I would say in the second set tiebreak where my backhand disappointed, especially on set point. I shouldn't have missed that shot, then even at 6-6 of the tiebreak I missed a backhand sending it into the net.

The match turned around, he raised his level and I was unable to react. Overall he deserved to win. The beginning of a great rivalry? I hope so for my sake, I don't know yet when I'll still be around, we faced each other in two close Grand Slams and I hope we will also face each other on grass.

A five-set, five-hour match between the world number one and number two is only good for the sport. The destruction of the racket? It's frustration of the moment, there's not much to say about it. I replied to my colleague a little while ago."

Novak Djokovic Roger Federer

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