Juan Martin Del Potro, it can really be the end


Juan Martin Del Potro, it can really be the end
Juan Martin Del Potro, it can really be the end

Never before has there been so much anticipation as this year to discover the tennis players who would have received a precious wild cards for the US Open main draw. In fact, all tennis enthusiasts hoped to be able to attend Juan Martin del Potro's last official tournament.

The Argentinia had nurtured this hope through a series of interviews. He explained: "I didn't close my path with tennis one hundred percent, with a lock and key. At certain times of the day I feel like an active tennis player.

With the US Open, I have an inner desire, which is to take the field one last time and play worthy. My health sends me messages that are not compatible with this wish. If my body tells me in a month that I can't do this, and that I'm going to have to find another way to end my career, I'll listen to it.

But every day I get up to make my wish come true, until I have to make an announcement." Del Potro, at least for the moment, will not be able to fulfill his wish for the end of his career.

Juan Martin Del Potro, it can really be the end

This could really be the end of the glorious and unfortunate career of the 2009 US Open winner.

Everyone was waiting for his eventual return to New York, but after this umpteenth beating, it would be difficult for anyone to return, even for a champion of strength and charisma like Juan Martin. The future is unpredictable, and we are all hoping for a great ending to Del Potro's career.

But hopes grow thinner with each passing month. The next few weeks will be crucial. There's still time? Reality collided once again with his dreams of him. He wtote in Instagram: "Hi everyone. As you know, I was very excited about my desire to return to a special course like the US Open.

I have tried in every way to make this wish come true, but my body is not 100 % and it does not allow me to feel comfortable and happy to share, once again with you, a unique moment. I also know that the pain I feel does not yet allow me to focus on returning.

I will continue to look for the best alternatives to recover the quality of my life. Thank you for the affection, understanding and messages of encouragement you send me. I send you a big hug. I hope to see you soon." Benefiting from the wild cards will be veteran John Isner, Michael Mmoh, the three young Americans Alex Michelsen, Ethan Quinn and Learner Tien, Benjamin Bonzi, Rinky Hijikata and Steve Jonshon. The latter won the US Open Wild Card Challenge.

Juan Martin Del Potro