Iga Swiatek is a person before a player, haters are boring


Iga Swiatek is a person before a player, haters are boring
Iga Swiatek is a person before a player, haters are boring

Although she managed the second and third sets against Qinwen Zheng without further problems, Iga Swiatek proved to be far from satisfied with her performance. However, the criticisms received at the end of the first set, made her day even more bitter.

The Pole didn't start the match in the best way and ended up losing the set without making up for the false start. Things have changed since the first 15 of the second half of the game, but this wasn't enough to lighten her spirits.

Swiatek wanted to express all her frustration at the press conference, venting even before receiving a direct question from journalists present in Cincinnati. And the Polish tennis player has every reason to complain. It seems that by now it has become an endemic common practice to throw mud through social media.

Iga is a human being, like all of her colleagues, and she has the right to lose sets, matches, even for weeks. Perhaps many users forget that tennis players are people, even if they are millionaires, if they are successful.

They are people. Sometimes winning, sometimes fallible, sometimes serene, sometimes in turmoil. They feel the same emotions as the social media user on the other side of the screen. These curse of hatred are now becoming cloying, old stuff, irritating.

Iga Swiatek is a person before a player, social users curse meaningless hate

Iga explained: "My game wasn't perfect today, we all saw it. But the amount of hate and criticism my team and I receive after losing a set is just ridiculous.

I want to encourage people to be more thoughtful when commenting on the web. It would be great to get help from you journalists, because we all sacrifice and work hard to be here. We always give 100%. It's sad to see the way I and the people I work with are judged.

I would like to encourage people to think. I was able to turn the match around thanks to the work I do physically and mentally. Off the pitch I always try to be the best person possible. On the internet the situation gets worse and worse: the comments are very bad.

I wish that situation would change, because the web will no longer be a safe place. I wish my team and I were respected more." The Pole then focused on the playing conditions: heavily influenced by the wind: "Really difficult conditions.

I haven't played many games on this field, so I needed some time to adapt. 'm happy to have solved my problems. In the second and third sets I played much better."

Iga Swiatek