Jannik Sinner wants to reach this important milestone at the US Open


Jannik Sinner wants to reach this important milestone at the US Open
Jannik Sinner wants to reach this important milestone at the US Open © Vaughn Ridley / Stringer Getty Images Sport

One of the most anticipated tennis players at the US Open 2023 is world no.6 Jannik Sinner. The Italian tennis player will play his first Grand Slam after winning a 1000m and is considered the only player, together with the Russian Daniil Medvedev, capable of trying to cancel the expected final between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz.

For the winner of the Toronto tournament the draw can be a help, we are talking about a very tough draw but one that can meet the Italian. To win the US Open Sinner would have to beat the top three tennis players in the world on paper, a feat or in any case a situation that is anything but easy.

Alcaraz in the quarterfinals, Medvedev in the semifinals and Novak Djokovic, a journey that if confirmed would lead Jannik to do something legendary but in Italy we know that putting pressure on young people, especially in sports like tennis, can only hurt.

Sinner's growth in 2023 is evident for all to see, the Italian recently won the most important tournament of his career, made the semifinal at Wimbledon and reached the Best Ranking of number 6 in the world. These years have told us that sooner or later the 22-year-old will reach or come very close to the top of the circuit and therefore we need to fly low and think about match after match.

The draw in Flushing Meadows is prohibitive and Sinner can play with the awareness of wanting to do well but without any pressure. On the other hand, the main goal of this 2023 are the ATP Finals in Turin while the rest take a back seat.

It starts from the German Hanfmann, an opponent not to be underestimated. To get off to a strong start and to demonstrate once again that we are among the best on the circuit.

The US Open 2023

The 2023 US Open is just starting.

Novak Djokovic undoubtedly wants to avenge the defeat at Wimbledon against Carlos Alcaraz and, although there are still two weeks left, many believe in a new final between the two phenomena. After all, after Wimbledon the two got lost again in Cincinnati and the Serbian had a partial revenge on the sensational knockout on grass. There are 4-5 tennis players who are held up as outsiders capable of being able to stop the dualism between the two.

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