Carlos Alcaraz destroys a Novak Djokovic's impressive feat

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Carlos Alcaraz destroys a Novak Djokovic's impressive feat
Carlos Alcaraz destroys a Novak Djokovic's impressive feat © Matthew Stockman / Staff Getty Images Sport

Media, insiders, crowds and tennis fans await the US Open final between Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic, a rematch of the Wimbledon final and also the recent semi-final at Roland Garros. It is the most awaited match since the beginning of the tournament and there are only two more rivals before this can happen.

But Daniil Medvedev ruined the Spanish plans, to set the final against Nole. A duel that has just begun but which pits the best of world tennis against each other. Number one against number two, and next Monday Djokovic will overtake him (whatever happens) in the rankings and return to the top of the ATP rankings.

The numbers of the two are impressive and Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic are the absolute rulers of 2023, especially when it comes to Grand Slams. While this is nothing new for Nole, he has dominated the circuit for years now, Alcaraz's situation is different and he seems to be progressing week after week.

Not only a physique that seems prodigious but incredible technical qualities and at only 20 years old Alcaraz seems unbeatable. Djokovic himself appeared almost in disbelief at the Spaniard's victory in the Wimbledon final with Carlos winning first at Queen's and then in the London Slam, surprising colleagues and the media and overturning every prediction.

Carlos Alcaraz matches a Novak Djokovic's impressive feat

And the records for Alcaraz are increasingly sensational and evident. Alcaraz grows year after year and we can say that 2023 is the year of his total consecration.

His first great success came last year at the US Open, but this year too the Murcian tennis player has achieved great successes and reached the semi-finals in three Grand Slam tournaments; impressive given his age and the last person to succeed in this feat at just 20 years old was Novak Djokovic, way back in 2006.

Impressive as is the rivalry between the two and another anecdote should be remembered: Alcaraz did not participate in the Australian Open due to injury or he could have done even better this season. Two Slams in the farmhouse and many records but Carlos has no intention of stopping, his records and his victories have just begun.

Now towards the final there is only Daniil Medvedev in his path, a top level tennis player but who sees him clearly ahead in direct comparisons.

Carlos Alcaraz Novak Djokovic

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