Coco Gauff is right: her revenge against haters is more than fair

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Coco Gauff is right: her revenge against haters is more than fair
Coco Gauff is right: her revenge against haters is more than fair © Sarah Stier / Staff Gatty Images Sport

Coco Gauff, winner of the US Open, has taken center stage and her name is already iconic, despite her young age. Between interviews, television hosting and events, the American is enjoying the joy of the first Slam of her career won right in front of the home crowd.

The young tennis player, in an interview with the WTA, of all the haters on social media who claimed that she would not be able to win even a WTA 500 tournament. The American tennis player then explained how she managed to accept the social criticism of the haters: "I think that after the victory in Washington I started to do it, because before I put the silencer on all the words and I didn't go to my account, I deleted it and everything the rest.

I understood that my personality is not like that. My parents know that I am stubborn and that I like to prove people wrong. So the more I read it, the more I wanted to prove them wrong. In Washington I saw a tweet that said: She only wins 250 tournaments.

Then I won the WTA 500 in Washington. People said it would be the end, a victory in failure. Then I won the WTA 1000 in Cincinnati and people said that I only won it because some players were not rested, they were not physically well and this would never have happened in a Slam.

I'm just exaggerating. There's something very satisfying about silencing the haters. I'm very curious to move forward and see what else they say."

Coco Gauff is right: her revenge against the haters is more than fair

And Coco is right.

She is a young woman who is already a tennis icon and, despite her young age, she had already done a lot for tennis, including for sport in the US. What right did the haters have to criticize a girl so young and with great room for improvement ahead? Gauff's horizon was immense, it didn't take a genius to understand it, but the haters targeted what seemed like an overly sensitive girl.

Coco, as a great champion, made her haters take back her words, showing a good part of her enormous potential still to be discovered. Gauff revealed her secret to managing tension, saying: "When I train, we joke and talk about things off the court.

In doubles, Jessica Pegula and I always talk about the fact that we don't talk about things off the court. I tried to bring this concept into my singles matches too. You need to be focused, but without trying to remain isolated.

I felt this gave me some respite. Looking at the stars that were there or paying attention to the songs that were playing at the changeover gave me a little break from the pressure that was building around me and I think that helped.

I played my best tennis when I was relaxed and honestly didn't feel nervous the entire match. You feel it in your throat and I didn't feel it at all, not even in the set or on match points. I felt it a little before the match, but when I stepped onto the pitch I felt good."

Coco Gauff

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