Storm in tennis after Serena Williams takes sides against Simona Halep

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Storm in tennis after Serena Williams takes sides against Simona Halep
Storm in tennis after Serena Williams takes sides against Simona Halep © Cameron Spencer / Staff Getty Images Sport

Serena Williams shared a post on The Romanian tennis player has just been banned for four years, following the verdict on the 2022 doping issue. A sentence that came almost a year after the suspension for doping, which sparked discussion regarding the timing: Simona remained in limbo for almost a year, without knowing anything about her fate.

Serena Williams has competed against Halep on numerous occasions. The peak of their rivalry arrived at Wimbledon in 2019: a match won by the Romanian in straight sets with a double 6-2. After her four-year suspension for doping, Serena took a dig at her colleague with a sarcastic post on X, referring to the number of Wimbledon trophies she could have had: "8 is a better number."

Serena Williams takes sides against Simona Halep, is it the right choice?

Serena also liked an X post about being disappointed to find out that half of your heroes during your time in the sport were cheating.

Serena can do anything, she is never or almost never wrong, and her battles even off the court have always been fair and epic. Her comments are always frank and direct. However, this alleged attack against Simona Halep could be a mistake, with cold mind. I underline it once again: if Halep made a mistake, if it is true that she did doping, she will have to pay for her mistakes.

But there is one thing in particular that cannot be forgotten: Simona was left by ITIA in a limbo for a year, without knowing what her destiny would be, and this is not right. Even if you are at the height of the blame, even if you will end up one way rather than another, a tennis player deserves respect.

No one deserves such treatment, the punishment and sentence for such a crime must be quick, but the bureaucracy slowed everything down for a year. Serena's thoughts towards this situation are honest and right, if she takes Halep's guilt for granted. But having expressed her position so directly will probably certainly create strong criticism.

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