Emma Raducanu hits the rock bottom: now the ascent begins


Emma Raducanu hits the rock bottom: now the ascent begins
Emma Raducanu hits the rock bottom: now the ascent begins © Julian Finney / Staff Getty Images Sport

There were high expectations for her, especially after her incredible victory at the US Open: yet Emma Raducanu has never managed to meet her expectations. On the one hand the injuries and on the other perhaps the pressure for a victory that arrived suddenly and which brought her so much hunger and wealth.

After her victory everyone expected her to have a definitive exploit, a consecration at the top of the rankings and yet with the passage of time we have more and more the impression that that success could remain her only one despite her very young career her.

Emma is currently out due to injury, yet another one in recent years but when she returned to the court and played tournaments she never looked like the one who triumphed at Flushing Meadows. On the contrary. The results have almost always been poor and in the last few days a strong confirmation has arrived.

Emma Raducanu has officially left the Top 200 of the WTA rankings, this week's update has given her fans a bitter disappointment and for the first time in the last 27 months the tennis player has collapsed and is now number 214 in the WTA Ranking.

Raducanu hits the rock bottom: now the ascent begins

The season started as number 78, then this year Emma underwent three surgeries and the tennis player suffered a sharp drop in the rankings. The last time Emma was outside the Top 200 was in July 2021, from there the tennis player would then first reach the round of 16 at Wimbledon and subsequently achieved the extraordinary victory (and an impressive run) at the 2022 US Open.

As the months passed, the tennis player seemed to grow more and more and in July 2022 Emma officially entered the world's Top-10. From there the descent, no growth and the British tennis player saw a radical decline in her ranking and in her game: some accused her of having been totally distracted from social life and sponsors and others instead saw her growth slowed down only from injuries.

The British tennis player is very young: sportingly, she has just hit rock bottom, but now she is starting to rise again. An ascent that will not be short, nor easy, but which must begin from this point. Two years ago she won the US Open.

Today she is out of the WTA Top-200. In two years, everything has happened, negatively. She can only get better now. At least this is the hope of all tennis fans. What is certain is that the tennis player will have to start almost all over again and the fans hope to see her again in the conditions she once was.

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