Emma Raducanu is stronger than her haters


Emma Raducanu is stronger than her haters
Emma Raducanu is stronger than her haters © Michael Regan / Staff Getty Images Sport

Emma Raducanu is much loved by fans, but there are a part of her supporters who have become her haters, and to whom the young tennis player has addressed intelligent and truthful words. The Briton amazed the world of sport by winning the 2021 US Open at just 19 years old, starting from the qualifiers, but then dispersing the good things done in New York in the following months.

In fact, the young British tennis player has fallen into a negative spiral of bad results and injuries.

Since that day, however, the beautiful tennis player has not found peace: injuries and inconsistent results, some have accused her of being too distracted after her victories, others of simply being a tennis meteor.

Now Emma is working and can't wait to get back on the court, with the aim of returning to competing for the Slams again and perhaps returning to the Top -10. A few months after the victory at the US Open Emma was number 10 in the world but Afterwards it left and never re-entered the upper parts of the circuit.

Now the fans are curious to see her on the court again. Emma is sought after by brands, sponsors and events, who want her with them. She is often the protagonist of cover magazines. She is a real star, one of those who manages to go beyond tennis.

And rightly so: tennis needs payers like Raducanu, capable of enchanting people, going beyond the tennis court. Soshe is right when she says that the important thing is that they talk about her.

Emma's words

Emma is currently out due to injury and in the last few hours she has made interesting statements to Reuters.

Here are her specific words: "After my wrist and ankle injuries I went back to training. Next year you will return to the circuit, now all the Grand Slam tournaments are already over and so we need to think about next season.

It was difficult to see all the other tennis players playing while I couldn't do anything. Now I won't do anything, I will continue my journey and work to fully recover from my injuries." This year Emma withdrew shortly before the Roland Garros and due to these same injuries she missed both Wimbledon and the US Open, two tournaments very dear to her.

Speaking about her home Slam, the British woman continued: "Wimbledon is my dream, it has been since I was a little girl. My biggest dream was and still is to win Wimbledon."

Meanwhile, the criticism continues but Emma moves forward without listening to anyone.

Raducanu went on to say: "Someone told me that I should be worried when they don't talk about me. The fact that they talk about me even though I'm not participating I can only take it as a compliment."

Emma Raducanu