10 most iconic fashionable players: the charm of the racket

An overview on the top stars who changed the fashion side in tennis history

by Lorenzo Ciotti
10 most iconic fashionable players: the charm of the racket
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Tennis has always been a sport that combines athletic performance and fashionable style. Over the years, many famous players have made tennis fashion a key aspect of their persona, sporting unforgettable outfits that have captured the attention of spectators around the world.

This article collects the ten most iconic outfits in the history of tennis, passionately motivating the choice of each of them. French tennis player Rene Lacoste's most iconic outfit is definitely his white polo sweater with the famous crocodile.

Lacoste transformed the way of dressing in tennis, opting for an elegant and casual look that differed from the traditional suits of his era. During the '90s, Andre Agassi proudly sported long, colorful pants, along with bold shirts and incredible bandanas.

Thanks to his unconventional style, Agassi became a true fashion icon, revolutionizing the standards of tennis. Serena Williams defied expectations and promoted female empowerment through her outfits. From her form-fitting all-black dresses to her daring black bodysuit, Serena proved that tennis is a place where every woman can express her full power.

Bjorn Borg left an indelible mark with his style on the pitch. His classic outfit of a striped polyester suit with an open collar gave Borg an elegant and distinctive appearance, making him an admired figure in tennis history.

Anna Kournikova was famous not only for her tennis skills, but also for her stage presence. Her outfits featured bright color combinations and elegant cuts, which highlighted her grace and femininity without compromising her performance on the court.

Roger Federer has demonstrated that elegance and style are perfectly compatible with tennis. Wearing tailored suits, often bearing his personal logo, Federer set a standard of sophisticated style that made him an icon both on and off the court.

10 most iconic fashionable players: the charm of the racket

Maria Sharapova is known for her glamorous and refined style. Sparkling dresses, pleated skirts and chic details are just some of the elements that characterized her court wardrobe, making her enter tennis history through her breathtaking outfits.

John McEnroe was known for his rebellious attitude, which was also reflected in his chosen outfits. With his curly hair and tennis headband, McEnroe fully embodies a rebellious and bold aesthetic that has made him a point of reference for young tennis players around the world.

Billie Jean King was a pioneer in introducing women's uniforms suitable for physical activity in tennis. Her high-waisted white sportswear ensemble and matching top helped emphasize the importance of functionality and comfort in the world of women's tennis.

Rafael Nadal is known for his aggressive playing style, but also for his distinctive outfits. His long, tight trousers and sleeveless shirts make him instantly recognizable on the pitch, perfectly reflecting his warrior spirit and determination.

An extra bonus for Suzanne Lenglen: La Divine was the first icon of sports history, becoming also the first fashion influencer in sport. Iconic outfits in tennis are not just limited to sports fashion, but have a profound cultural influence.

Each player has left their mark on the world of tennis fashion, helping to redefine the standards of style and personality within the game. Combining exceptional sporting performance and distinctive style, these personalities have allowed tennis to become a showcase for individual expression and innovation in fashion.