Rafael Nadal's last dream: to win the 15th Roland Garros

2024 could not just be for a final nostalgic farewell to the tennis Tour and to his fans

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rafael Nadal's last dream: to win the 15th Roland Garros
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Rafael Nadal's fans anxiously await the future of the Spanish champion, who, in 2024, would like to fulfill his latest career dream: to win his 15th Roland Garros.

Rafa has been out of action for almost a year and his return, barring any other sensational surprises, could arrive in Australia. To tell the truth, even in the last few hours Nadal hasn't been unbalanced, he's training but at the same time he feels pain and doesn't feel like guaranteeing his presence with certainty.

The goal, however, is to be in Melbourne and play what should be his last season on the tennis Tour, before he retires.

Rafa is a competitor, hungry for victories. And if he decides to take to the court in 2024 it won't just be for a final nostalgic farewell to the tennis Tour and to his fans. If he decides (and above all succeeds) to play, it will be to try to win. And close his glorious career with one last great dream, which is not limited only to his 15th Roland Garros. But also to participate in the Paris Olympics and, why not, in Wimbledon and the US Open. And definitively close what was a legendary career.

The words of Toni Nadal

Rafa's uncle, Toni Nadal, a historic presence on the circuit and former coach of the Majorcan champion, also spoke in these hours.

Toni spoke about Rafa's condition and wanted to assure his fans: "I've been watching Rafa for days and he's training really well, when he's on the pitch he's playing well. I can definitely say that he's improving a lot. He's improving, it's true, but to help Rafa we need Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev and Carlos Alcaraz to suffer an injury! Jokes aside, but I can say that he has a great desire to play and is determined for next year to be a good year."

Finally he said: "This is my nephew's dream because next will probably be the last year of his career. He is very determined and his goal is to compete at the highest level. He has 14 Slams at Roland Garros but it would be nice to win a fifteenth Grand Slam title to end on a high note. Yes, we need and we would all like this."

Recently, Rafa spoke of the possibility of playing in Australia and is still very cautious, as revealed to Mundo Depurtivo: "Tiley's statements were a bit risky. I have an excellent relationship with him and I understand his enthusiasm and also that of the Australian Open, which is certainly less than what I have to go to. But from there to saying that I'm going to the Australian Open seems very complicated to me."

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