Boris Becker begins the journey with Holger Rune with winning prospects


Boris Becker begins the journey with Holger Rune with winning prospects
Boris Becker begins the journey with Holger Rune with winning prospects © Kristy Sparow / Stringer Getty Images Sport

The Danish tennis player Holger Rune has recently started a new collaboration with the German legend Boris Becker who will replace the figure of Patrick Muratoglou in Rune's boxing. The German talked openly about what it meant for him to have been requested by the Dane, one of the most promising tennis players in the world, and analyzed his great virtues and the aspects to work on to take him to a higher level.

After a very positive first half of the season, the Dane is immersed in a deep crisis of play, of results and also of identity, which led him to seek new paths towards success. The breakup with Patrick Mouratoglou was predictable, but not so much that he started working with Boris Becker.

A few months after being released from prison, the German tennis legend is experiencing a truly interesting adventure as coach of Rune, which he talks about extensively in the words collected by Eurosport.

Boris Becker: "I hope to be of help for Rune"

"I have always been very interested because he is a tennis player with a lot of talent, commitment and character," said Boris, who totally decided to coach Holger after spending a week with him and his team in Monte Carlo.

"I had a long conversation with his mother, Aneke, and also with his physical trainer, in which we agreed that the three of us will soon form the team that will accompany Rune. I will be with him in Basel and Paris-Bercy. I trust that I will be of great help to qualify him for the 2023 ATP Finals," underlined the German.

It is known that Becker coached Novak Djokovic, a temperamental tennis player who sometimes loses his temper on the court.

Boris sees parallels in this sense with Rune, but believes the Dane has a lot of room for improvement in emotional management and mental aspect.

"Holger is a diamond in the rough who needs to be polished. Novak had moments when he wasn't on the pitch, but he quickly set the pace at all levels. It's not about kicking your mother off the field to try to concentrate (Rune has done this on a few occasions).

It's all about attitude, it's what determines whether or not you win a lot of games.

I want to understand what Holger's true motivation is. He can't go to China without having a clear idea of what he's looking for: win a match, score points for the league table.

I have to discuss very well with him what his main goals are in his tennis career and how he wants to try to achieve them. We have to work a lot on aspects such as attitude, mentality, emotional intelligence. Some ideas are already swirling in my head," assures Boris Becke.

The German begins an exciting professional journey with Holger Rune, a tennis player who will be able to help him greatly in various aspects of the game and help him achieve the glory to which he seems predestined due to his talent and potential.

Boris Becker Holger Rune

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