Emma Raducanu and coaches: who wasn't keeping up with whom?

The Briton spoke on BBC Radio 4's Today program and revealed her truth, but fans on social media had a different opinion

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Emma Raducanu and coaches: who wasn't keeping up with whom?
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There are only four WTA tournaments played by Emma Raducanu in 2023, whose season is to be forgotten in order to restart and return to important levels from a physical and gaming point of view. The British tennis player has undergone 3 surgeries in the past few months, archiving her year since last May, with her last appearance in Stuttgart in April.

The 2021 US Open champion recently spoke on BBC Radio 4's Today program and addressed one of the issues that has risen many questions to media, insiders and fans. These are the numerous coaching changes made practically after the New York Slam victory.

"I ask my coaches a lot of questions. On occasion they couldn't keep up with the questions I asked and maybe that's why several partnerships ended early," she revealed.

On the issue, the young athlete was keen to point out: "It's something I've always done. I continue to provoke and ask questions to the coaches, also challenging their way of thinking. I'm not a person you can simply tell me what to do. I have to understand the reason and then I will do it."

However, many fans pointed out that who really couldn't keep up with whom. In fact, after her victory at the US Open 2021, Emma was crushed by the enormous pressure placed on her by the British media, falling into a spiral of bad performances, bad results and injuries. Is it possible, many fans of her social media ask, that the problem came only from her coaches?

The words of Emma Raducanu

"I'll probably come back with a lower ranking, but I'm actually looking forward to starting again," she said in the Karthi Gnanasegaram interview.

She the added: "I still have new goals, goals that I want to achieve. I still have about 15 years left of my career, so there's no rush."

In 2024, in addition to the various prestigious tournaments on the circuit, a new edition of the Olympic Games will be held in Paris: "Obviously the Olympics are a very important thing in sport and for me. I think I could play four more if I really wanted to, so this isn't the rush or the immediate pressure, it's just about getting back on the court. I love the Slams but I want to have the Olympic experience. I'll just see how it goes, if I can qualify and how it goes."

Then she concluded: "You have to think about the future of your life after your career is over and I think a lot of successful athletes would have said: I wish maybe when I was younger I would have thought about the future a little more."

Emma Raducanu