Emma Raducanu gets by the US Open win: on Google she rules, but court is far away

Brands and sponsors shower her with money and attention, but the court is far away

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Emma Raducanu gets by the US Open win: on Google she rules, but court is far away
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The sponsors are crazy about Emma Raducanu, who continues get by thanks to her victory at the 2021 edition of the US Open, despite terrible results and painful injuries following her. However, brands and sponsors shower her with money and attention, especially thanks to the work of the British media, always capable of praising (as well as criticizing!) one of their athletes.

And Emma Raducanu is also much loved by fans (and stupidly resented by a few haters) as evidenced by an in-depth analysis by Eurosport, which places her in the top-10 of the most searched athletes ever on Google. The name Emma Raducanu has been searched for 9.6 million times on Google.

World number 2 Iga Swiatek is first in this ranking. In second place is Coco Gauff, whose name was searched only a handful of times more than the British star's. Outside the court she is flying, but where is the field in the meantime?

Emma Raducanu: bad news about returning

Emma Raducanu's exploits at the 2021 US Open will remain in the history of this sport and the Briton brought a Slam title to her country after decades.

Emma was in the national and international front pages for months, but her success, at least in sports, gradually waned. Disappointing results, injuries and sensational defeats, Emma has left the Top 100 and no one has talked about her sporting results for a long time.

Nowadays she remains famous above all for the sponsors and ties outside the tennis court with the tennis player who is also linking herself to the world of fashion. There has also been talk several times about her return to the court, postponed after yet another injury.

Raducanu has undergone surgeries on both wrists and underwent surgery on her right ankle in May. The tennis player, who has been training regularly for some time, spoke on the BBC Radio 4 Today channel and covered many topics.

"I'm not sure when I'll be back but the goal is certainly to be present for the start of the 2024 season. We've done training but it's too early to talk about returning. Or rather we don't yet have a date for the return to the court." Auckland tournament director Lamperin spoke thus regarding Raducanu's possible presence in her tournament: "If she wants to come, the door is open but we have to chase other tennis players about whom we have more certainties.

Of course, she's not out of the picture but we need time for her, we don't really know when she'll be back." Emma is currently outside the top 100 positions in the ranking but her goal is to get back competitive as soon as possible. For the record, the Auckland tournament will take place between 1 and 7 January 2024.

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