Daniil Medvedev's middle finger to the Parisian crowd: a feeling never born

The Russian's ironic words in the press conference clarified a situation that almost got out of hand

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Daniil Medvedev's middle finger to the Parisian crowd: a feeling never born
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Daniil Medvedev did not show a good feeling for the crowd present at the ATP Master 1000 in Paris-Bercy. Further proof came in this 2023 edition, which recorded another first round defeat for the Russian this time against Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov.

The battle on the central court of about three hours was incredible and reserved several surprises and episodes that above all marked the performance of the world number 3. Argument with the crowd, a middle finger when leaving the court, but also 6 match points disallowed, one of which after an exchange of 47 shots.

In short, lights and shadows for the native of Moscow. However, in the press conference the 27-year-old admitted how he played a very good match: "I'm certainly very disappointed with the match and the result, but I don't see much that I could have done better.

I should probably try to stay positive in view of the Finals." Daniil Medvedev's middle finger to the Parisian crowd shwed once again a feeling never born with the Paris-Bercy people into the stadium, like the Russian himself revealed at the press concerence.

Medvedev jokes about the Parisian crowd

Journalists inevitably asked Daniil about the ugly gesture aimed at the fans before leaving the court. "Middle finger? Oh no, I just looked at my nail like that. Why would I do something like that to this beautiful Parisian crowd? I think that it simply depends on the tournament, on how I behave, on how the crowd behaves.

In general I have many French friends and they don't seem to appreciate this event very much and this is perhaps the reason. I, in general, played much better here without the crowd. That's all I can say. If we take the whole match, there were only two minutes, five minutes, in which I argued with the crowd.

At 5 all during the second in the third when I threw the racket: it is normal for them to boo me at that moment. But if I'm serving and they clap and I get booed, that's a different matter," explained the Russian star.

Daniil Medvedev