Fashion, chess, golf, yoga, travel: the hobbies of the greatest tennis stars

Tennis players and former tennis players: what are their hobbies?

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Fashion, chess, golf, yoga, travel: the hobbies of the greatest tennis stars
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The most famous tennis players and former player are known around the world for their extraordinary skills on the tennis court. However, many of them also have passions and hobbies that they cultivate outside of tennis matches.

These interests range from artistic pursuits to outdoor hobbies and reflect the balance they maintain in their lives beyond sports. Former tennis legend Roger Federer, considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time, dedicates himself to photography as a hobby.

During his numerous trips around the world, Federer takes photos and shares them on his social accounts. Furthermore, Roger is also passionate about fashion, as well as watches and luxury cars: Rolex and Mercedes, of course!

Novak Djokovic, another prominent tennis player, focuses on nutrition and health in addition to his game. Djokovic is known for following a strictly vegetarian diet and promoting a healthy lifestyle through his book and public speeches.

Besides playing tennis, he also loves to practice yoga and meditation, which improve his physical and mental stamina.

The hobbies of the greatest tennis stars

Rafael Nadal, renowned for his intense determination and grit on the court, has a passion for golf.

In fact, Nadal stated that if he hadn't become a tennis player, he would have tried to become a professional golfer. Golf offers him a relaxing break from tennis and, as he says, gives him the opportunity to challenge himself in a different way.

Rafa is also a fishing enthusiast. Andy Murray, former world number one, has an interesting passion for the game of chess. Murray said playing chess helps him develop his strategic thinking and allows him to challenge his mind in a different way than tennis.

In his free time, he participates in chess tournaments and enjoys testing his tactical skills. Serena Williams, one of the greatest women's tennis players of all time, is famous for her commitment to fashion and design. Williams has launched his own clothing line and collaborated with numerous fashion designers.

Her passion for fashion is also reflected in her outfits on the tennis court, often considered a point of reference for style in the world of sport. These are just a few examples of the passions and hobbies of the most famous tennis players.

They show how these successful sports personalities cultivate interests outside of their main sport. These hobbies are a way to relax and have fun, but also to develop new skills and challenge yourself in different ways. They show that success in tennis is not the only aspect of these champions' lives, but extends to other adventures and passions.