Rafael Nadal closer to the Australian Open 2024

The Spanish champion is taking further steps towards his return, as evidenced by the images of his training

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rafael Nadal closer to the Australian Open 2024
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Rafael Nadal has taken important new steps towards his return on the court, and his presence in Australia is no longer a utopia. The Spanish champion suffered an iliopsoas injury during the Australian Open in January, an injury that forced him to undergo an operation.

The Spaniard was thus forced to end his season prematurely with the aim of returning to the field in the new year in the best possible shape. And many rumors have followed one another in recent months about Rafa, regarding his come back.

Undoubtedly the one that sparked the enthusiasm of his supporters was that of the director of the Happy Slam Craig Tiley, who let this revelation slip out during the presentation of the first Slam. "I've kept in touch with his team, he's back on the field training and has the aim of returning to Melbourne in January," said the Australian Open CEO.

These rumors, however, were immediately denied by the Majorcan's entourage, which fueled many doubts about his future: "We have seen the news that has come out, but it is still too early to say, we cannot confirm it yet, simply because we don't know.

Rafa has just started training and we haven't published any return date because we don't know."

Rafael Nadal closer to the 2024 Australian Open

On November 10, 2023, the 22-time slam champion gave a sign of great hope to all his fans, who can't wait to see him on the pitch again.

With a video that appeared on social media, the improvements in his training became immediately evident, which gradually intensified. The 37-year-old is accelerating his preparation at his headquarters, the Rafa Nadal Academy, and wants at all costs to give himself another chance in what should be his last year on the tour as a professional player.

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