Djokovic and Nadal have one last 'big date' in 2024

The Serbian and the Spaniard will meet next season, when Rafa will finally return to the court: and we are all waiting for their last challenge

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Djokovic and Nadal have one last 'big date' in 2024
© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

I think one of the most awaited news of this month was given by Rafael Nadal, and concerns his imminent return on the court. And finally, I can say! Because the Spaniard's charisma has been missing from the ATP Tour. Novak Djokovic alone has shouldered the burden of giving emotions to the millions of tennis fans across the planet.

And in this, he was helped by many young co-protagonists who alternated with the Serbian star, trying to grab as much glory as possible. Not much actually: because almost all the glory went to Djokovic. Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik, Sinner, Daniil Medvedev and the others tried to take everything they could, or at least the little that Nole left.

But the young players, despite their constant growth, skills and beautiful tennis, still don't have the charisma of the Big 3. Nole, with Nadal and Roger Federer, have written tennis history. Next year we could savor a bite of that epicness again.

Nadal will return to the court in what could be his last professional season. We still don't know where and when: will it be in Australia? Or for the beginning of the clay swing? But what fans are most awaiting is a possible challenge between the Serbian champion and the Spanish legend

And Nole himself shares beautiful words for his legendary rival

The Spanish champion is increasing the intensity of his training day after day, but he explained that he cannot yet say with certainty when he will play the first official tournament in 2024.

The goal is certainly to reach Melbourne in the best possible conditions to participate in the Australian Open. Questioned in the press conference held at the end of the match against Hubert Hurkacz, Djokovic commented on Nadal's statements and he expressed words of great admiration towards his greatest rival.

"I think it would be great for the world of sport to see at least one more match between me and Rafael Nadal. We're talking about the greatest rivalry the sport has ever seen in terms of the number of matches played. Let's hope it can really happen, I would really like it.

Rafa is a great warrior, a person who never gives up. Despite all the injuries he has had, he continues to move forward. This is definitely something to be respected and admired. For the world of tennis, it is undoubtedly extraordinary news to know that he will return," said the Serb.