Why Marketa Vondrousova harshly attacked the WTA

The Wimbledon champion highlighted the organizational shortcomings of the WTA Finals in Cancun: the cohesion between her and her colleagues will be able to avoid similar disasters in the future

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Why Marketa Vondrousova harshly attacked the WTA
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Although the 2023 edition of the WTA Finals held in Cancun are now history, there are still traces of controversy due to the poor organization, as Wimbledon champion Marketa Vondrousova pointed out in recent days. The Czech tennis player played with her team in the Billie Jean King Cup Finals, which were held in Seville, losing in the semifinals against Canada.

Markata was keen to once again underline the terrible playing conditions that occurred in Mexico, comparing the situation experienced in Cancun with that faced in Seville. On the eve of the tournament she shared these words, which I now propose again: "Coming to Seville from Cancun seems like something different.

Here we have excellent slopes, there is no wind, there is no rain. I feel better here! I imagine it is much better to arrive here from Cancun than to do the opposite, traveling from here to there. We girls talk a lot about this topic, even before we go out to play.

We were in contact every day. I think in the end we were all very disappointed: that wasn't tennis. We suffered a lot in every match. Furthermore, I believe that the tennis shown was not good, neither for the spectators nor for us.

When we arrived and saw that the courts were crazy, that the rain was crazy... we were disappointed.
I had to stop my match against Gauff about five times. This drove me crazy. Yes, I know, it's part of tennis, but things shouldn't be done like that.

They should know where a tournament like this will be held well in advance of the US Open, as well as take a look at what the weather might be on those dates where they plan to hold the tournament. I think it's the first thing they should do," she told. The Czech tennis player finally underlined the cohesion present among the WTA tennis players, especially among the top of the rankings.

"I feel that the best players in the world already know each other a little more, that we know each other quite well. I think the girls who are in the top-10 or top-15 are very close. We feel that together we are strong and maybe we can do something.

We can also communicate with people and the WTA directly, in an organized way. It's nice to know we can stick up for each other," explained Marketa. In short, I can objectively say that the Mexican WTA Finals were a disastrous delirium unlike the excellent organization of the BJK Cup in Seville and, taking into consideration the words uttered by Marketa Vondrousova, one can understand, as I imagine, how the tennis players of the Top-10 we found cohesion in saying loudly: "Don't give us this kind of treatment again!"

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