Haters should be ashamed after Matteo Berrettini's shocking confession


Haters should be ashamed after Matteo Berrettini's shocking confession
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The confession made by Matteo Berrettini should shame all those who have tormented and massacred him over the last two years, tearing his private life to pieces. His haters, who apparently number in the thousands, have destroyed his life, blaming all the blame for Berrettini's dark period on his relationship with the Italian showgirl Melissa Satta.

As if the tennis player's love story distracted him from tennis and the court, according to his detractors. The Italian tennis player spent almost an entire season sidelined due to a series of injuries, which prevented him from playing major tournaments and fighting with the best athletes in the world.

Despite not yet being in top physical condition, the Italian didn't think twice and joined his teammates in the final stages of the Davis Cup. He will train with them, as announced by captain Filippo Volandri, and will give important moral support to everyone, even during Thursday's match against the Netherlands.

Berrettini's shocking confession

Yesterday, Wednesday afternoon Matteo, who recently announced the historic separation with coach Vincenzo Santopadre, held a press conference in which he recounted the difficulties of the last period.

The revelations surprised enthusiasts and fans quite a bit: "I seriously thought about quitting once, I saw everything was dark. My thought was: I'll start again, I'll do my best to come back and then something else will happen.

I said to myself: I can't keep going up and down like this, it really becomes agony and I don't want it to become that for me even though I love this sport' We play a sport that doesn't allow us to take time when we have it need because you always have the feeling of chasing, always the feeling that others are playing and surpassing you.

And you're stuck in the pits, you lose points and pace and then you come back earlier than you should. Luckily there are a lot of people who love me and have tried in every way to make me feel better. Then I am someone who believes a lot in being in the dark and so there were days I couldn't get up.

Even though I had to do physical therapy, it was hard for me to get out of bed and go to physical therapy. And so I said to myself: You know what? It's okay to not feel like doing anything. The important thing is to understand a little why and then try to find something that gets you out of bed straight away.

I asked myself what more can I do, I realized that it's not a question of ranking. It's not a question of money. It's a real challenge with myself. People forget quickly. I don't forget what I did. Quoting Vincenzo when we spoke for the last time before we stopped working together.

He told me: You have never missed a training session. You never missed a beat. You never took your mind off what you were doing. I know this."

Matteo Berrettini