Djokovic targeted by fans and haters: will anything ever change?

In stadiums it happens more and more often that those present in the crowd attack the Serbian

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Djokovic targeted by fans and haters: will anything ever change?
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In tennis stadiums it is increasingly common to see and hear fans attacking and booing Novak Djokovic. And precisely in this regard, the Serbian champion did not like the behavior of the British fans at all throughout his Davis Cup match against Cameron Norrie.

The Serbian champion was keen to point this out during the post-match press conference, with rather harsh words: "It was disrespectful but once again it's something I have to be prepared for. In this competition it's normal for fans to sometimes cross the line, but in the heat of the moment you also react and, in a way, show that you don't accept that kind of behaviour.

You can do whatever you want but I will answer you. This is what happened. At the end I was trying to speak and they deliberately started beating the drums to keep me from talking, as they had been trying to disturb me throughout the match," told Nole to the fans in the stands supporting the England team.

What we witnessed in the Davis Cup and, in part, at last week's ATP Finals, is a scene we have seen many times. Unlike what happens when Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played (never heard whistles or boos), the Serbian champion is often targeted by fans in the stands.

Many perhaps did it out of reflex support towards Federer and Nadal, raining down boos on the 24 Slam champion. As we always say, and we will never tire of doing so, Djokovic deserves the same respect as Federer and Nadal. Fans are free to support anyone, they are free to cheer Federer and Nadal despite Djokovic, but respect towards the Serbian is lacking too often.

Will anything ever change in this situation?

Meanwhile, Nole sweeps the haters away with yet another victory

Meanwhile, Djokovic, despite the haters and boos, continues to win. Thanks to this success, while waiting for the semi-final, the 36-year-old became the tennis player with the most Davis Cup victories in the history of Serbia. "The experience of playing for many years helps me manage my nerves and expectations, even though they are always very high.

I know that almost every player who comes out against me wants to beat me and play their best tennis, but it's a good problem to have. I'm very proud of the career I've had and the situation and the position I'm in. This and the pressure motivate me.

I imagine that playing for my country probably multiplied that motivation even more," declared the Serbian. After Paris-Bercy and the Finals, Nole is also chasing victory in the Davis Cup.