Does Emma Raducanu still want to be a tennis player?


Does Emma Raducanu still want to be a tennis player?
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"I was told that she did not want to risk a last minute withdrawal, so she made an early and cautious decision to withdraw," said James Gray of iPaperSport in London, about the Emma Raducanu's withdrawal from the MGM Macau Tennis Masters exhibition. "During the whole time I've been doing a lot off the court, reading a lot and watching some tennis.

I know it's going to be difficult when you don't compete... like almost a year. Mentally I feel like I'm in a better place to compete. I hope to be back on board for next season," Emma told her countrywoman Laura Robson, during an interview for Amazon Prime.

We'd like to see her to play on the court...if this is what she wants

After the unexpected and surprising victory at the 2021 US Open, Raducanu was no longer able to go beyond a second round, showing physical and mental lability.

Will history remember Emma Raducanu as the most overrated Slam winner ever? If things don't change, yes. It all depends on her will and desire. By now she seems to have completely dedicated herself to off-court life. May her brands cover her in gold, because they talk a lot about her.

Fans are divided into those who love her and those who hate her (her haters are truly disgusting). How can she then become competitive again after this long introduction? It will be extremely difficult for her to do this. The British media praised her after her victory, but they (as they always do) loaded her with pressure and expectations.

And maybe she couldn't handle the pressure. Emma should understand if it is time to dedicate herself completely to tennis, as all professionals do, dedicating herself to the off-court space sparingly, as professionals always do.

Or decide if perhaps it's time to take a step back and dedicate yourself completely to the life of an influencer and model. It's clear that all of us in the media and insiders, including myself who (it's worth underlining!) holds Emma Raducanu in high esteem, would like to see her to play, win, smile, cry and fight on the court. Is this is what she wants.

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