How can they say Iga Swiatek had 'ups and downs'? Her 2023 was super

Haters and detractors have constantly talked about her ups and downs: can you seriously say this, about a player who has won 6 tiles, a Slam and the WTA Finals, in teh season?

by Lorenzo Ciotti
How can they say Iga Swiatek had 'ups and downs'? Her 2023 was super
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I seem to hear ravings when colleagues, media, other players or insiders talk about Iga Swiatek's 2023 as a season of ups and downs. Can a tennis player who won 6 titles this season - including the Roland Garros and the WTA Finals - be labeled as a tennis player who has suffered ups and downs? Perhaps the truth is that Iga has suffered too much unjustified and gratuitous criticism from media and insiders.

And also her former colleagues, like her countrywoman Agnieska Radwanska, who probably spoke out of nonsense when she criticized Iga. How can you criticize her even for a lack of pressure, with everything she is doing and she is getting? Swiatek has certainly done much more than Radwanska from this point of view.

Between the triumphs at the beginning of the year and tennis omnipotence, she only had a period of decline which caused her to lose first place in the ranking, which she regained with her success at the WTAFinals in Cancun.

From my point of view as an expert in tennis and sports journalism, I laugh when I read or hear criticism like this! The Polish tennis player, in an interview with the newspaper RZ, took stock of the 2023 season, reflecting on the progress of an otherwise positive year.

The words of Iga Swiatek

The 22 year old from Warsaw commented on her year in terms of results. "This has been the most difficult year of my career, although my chances are increasing. What was difficult for me two years ago is no longer difficult.

It's not just about adapting to situations, since I started the season as number 1 and then I lost it, but also due to injuries. For me it was another year of playing at the highest level, so I didn't even have time to go home and rest," said Swiatek, who said of her long undefeated spell: "That period was difficult.

When the season started, everyone was wondering how I would play after such a successful year, so I thought that whatever results I achieved would be insufficient, anything other than winning the tournament. Instead of wanting to win, I expected not to lose.

It was not constructive, I started the events in the Middle East with a different approach. I'm glad I got over it quickly. Now I am more effective and reach the later rounds of tournaments more often, so the fans can trust me and appreciate it.

Of course I don't promise that it will always be like this, because careers can take different paths, tennis is a sport where you can't always win. They say it's a sport of mistakes and defeats, so the important thing is not to get frustrated and keep working." On her absence at the Billie Jean King Cup, she said: "I regret it and wish I had played in the BJKC finals, but this decision could have had negative consequences, perhaps some injury or severe fatigue.

If that had been the case I wouldn't have been able to start training for the Australian tour anytime soon. Playing for your country is the greatest privilege, but I try to represent Poland in different ways, not only during the tournament, but also by showing a good game on all courts in the world.

What I don't want is to compete when I can't give 100%, when I'm not ready to go on the court and win. The situation is more complicated than you think."

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