Andrey Rublev's emotions are a strong point, he should be proud of it


Andrey Rublev's emotions are a strong point, he should be proud of it
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Fears, uncertainties, emotions and passion: Andrey Rublev is a tennis player who does not hide (or is unable to hide) his feelings on the court. And this is one of the great qualities of him, in my opinion. A tennis player like him is an asset for the Tour.

He is the antithesis of many of his colleagues, who show themselves to be steely, even in their weaknesses. In one of his last matches, he even hit himself with rackets on the knees! I remain of the opinion that his emotions are a strength of his, not a weakness, and he should be proud of it.

In an interview with Championat, the Russian talked about it and explained why, on several occasions now, he decides to hit his knees with the racket: "There are two reasons. First of all, because of the rackets. I'm very selective, I struggle to find rackets that I like.

Even though they are the same, only two or three of the fifteen rackets I use are perfect for me. This is why I struggle to throw them, because if I break them I'll have to search for a similar racket for a long time! And it can take a long time, so I prefer to hit my knees and not throw them against the court," is the first reason given by the 26-year-old athlete who, despite everything, finished the season in fifth place in the world rankings.

Rublev's ideas on his behivior

"Secondly, sometimes I resent myself so much that I no longer know what to do to realize that I have to wake up. In those moments it's a way of telling myself: Wake up! The match started half an hour ago!

After outbursts of anger I feel guilty, because I know that they are unnecessary, that they don't help me at all, but at that moment I don't know what to do. That anger comes from the desire to win, but sometimes that leads to bad aggression.

When you want something so badly and it isn't given to you, it's something that doesn't quite fit in your head. The expectations I have of myself cause those emotions, nothing more," he explained.

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