"If you want it, everything is possible," Caroline Wozniack's lesson to young players

The Danish tennis player is a perfect example of resilience, willpower, talent and the desire to never give up. All skills that a young person needs to become a great tennis player

by Lorenzo Ciotti
"If you want it, everything is possible," Caroline Wozniack's lesson to young players
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Caroline Wozniack participated with Maria Sakkari, Carlos Alcaraz and Tommy Paul in an exhibition in Mexico City, an event that concluded the 2023 tennis season. The very strong Danish tennis player, who returned to the WTA Tour in 2023, spoke to the Mexican TV Azteca Deportes and she recounted her feelings regarding this particular moment in her life.

"I don't believe in particular sacrifices, to be honest. I believe that we all make choices and that the decisions we then make will put us in the conditions we want to be in. In the end I think I made the right choices and they allowed me to be a better tennis player.

I am very proud of it and I want to teach this to young children and also to my children. Achieve your dreams based on the work you do to achieve them. If you work hard and love what you do anything is possible. I come from a small town where tennis had no tennis tradition and now I see the growth of other young Danes and this is really special for me.

Holger Rune? I hope it starts another tradition in Danish tennis and I think we will see more and more kids playing and chasing dreams in this sport," she explained. Now the tennis player's goal is to become competitive again in 2024 and perhaps achieve other great results, in an already extraordinary career.

Caroline's emotional come back to the tennis court

2023 was a year of emotions: not only the records of Novak Djokovic and Carlitos Alcaraz, but also Caroline's come back. Danese is back on the court, after announcing her retirement a few years ago.

She has children and she has shown that she can still compete, playing in excellent conditions. She is a tennis player who made the history of her country. In fact, Caroline won the Australian Open in 2018 and her successes are etched in the collective memory.

Wozniacki is the first Danish athlete to win a Grand Slam tournament and has brought new prestige to her country. In fact, Denmark is not a country known for a particular tennis history but Wozniacki has achieved great successes. Caroline is back, making some of her dreams possible.