4 milestones Novak Djokovic can achieve in 2024

The Serbian tennis player wants to get the goals that are still missing to complete his glorious career

by Lorenzo Ciotti
4 milestones Novak Djokovic can achieve in 2024
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What can you say about a player like Novak Djokovic who, at 36 year-old, has won 3 Slams and the ATP Finals? The season experienced by the Serbian almost bordered on perfection. At 36, Nole has had one of his best years, having won the Australian Open, the Roland Garros, the US Open, the ATP Finals and has returned to the throne of the ATP ranking.

Only Carlitos Alcaraz managed to stop the Serbs in the intense Wimbledon final. Jannik was also able to beat Nole in two matches, and prevented him from winning the Davis Cup with his country. As I just told you a few lines above, the Serb obviously finished at No.1 in the ATP ranking ahead of Carlos Alcaraz, who kept the lead in the balance until the last tournaments.

Only in 2015, 8 years ago, the world number one was able to achieve a similar result. Even in that case, Nole won 3 Slams out of four, but missed the appointment in Paris. Now, as we know, Nole is always chasing new records, and in 2024 he will have the chance to achieve another four sensational milestones.

Nole will try to get this amazing goals

Djokovic will try to win the 5th US Open of his career. If he succeeds, the Serb would equal the record held by Roger Federer, Pete Sampras and Jimmy Connors.
The Serbian will try to win the 8th Wimbledon title.

This year, he had a chance to achieve these coveted records, but he was defeated in five sensational sets by young Carlitos. In what was one of the most exciting matches of the season. A match that saw Nole in total control until the second set tie-break, then the match changed completely.

One of the records Djokovic will seek in 2024 will obviously be winning the gold medal at the Paris Olympics. This achievement is one of the great shortcomings in the glorious collection of the Serbian tennis player: he, as his best result, won the bronze medal in Beijing 2008.

By winning gold, he would complete the career Golden Slam. Finally, perhaps the record that Djokovic wants more than anyone is the Grand Slam, winning all four Majors of the season. The Serb missed this milestone again this year, but he is certainly the closest man to reaching this milestone.

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