Emma Raducanu can finally embrace tennis again

The British tennis player, star out of the court, will finally come back to a WTA official event

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Emma Raducanu can finally embrace tennis again
© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

More than two and a half years after her triumph at the 2021 US Open, Emma Raducanu's life has changed. Her expectations and pressure after her triumph in New York crushed her psychologically, leading her first to a negative spiral of performances and results, then to an endless series of injuries.

Culminating with the three surgeries in 2023. The victory of the 2021 US Open is now a thing of the past but what has happened in recent years to the young and talented British tennis player has surprised everyone. Not even among those who believed that her victory was a coincidence was there anyone who thought of such a sudden collapse.

On the one hand the physical problems, on the other a few too many distractions, but Emma never again showed the performance of those two extraordinary weeks, days that changed her life. The tennis player has become increasingly well-known, on social media we often see shots of her as the protagonist and her sponsors compete for her.

Emma Raducanu finally is ready to play in an official event!

On the courts, things are very different and results are scarce. In addition to this, Emma was held back, as I wrote a few lines above, in 2023 by various physical problems and there are even those who have ventured the hypothesis that her career is at risk.

In May, Raducanu underwent surgery on both wrists and her right ankle, certainly not an ideal situation for a tennis player. However, in the last few hours some good news has arrived: Emma Raducanu is back on the court. The tennis player will play a tournament in Auckland in the first week of the 2024 season, an event that will be held between 1 and 7 January and will feature athletes such as Coco Gauff and the former world number one and expert tennis player Caroline Wozniacki.

The organizers on X announced it themselves. In 2023, Emma started in Auckland, where in the first round she beat the very young Linda Fruhrvirtova in three sets. In the second round Raducanu won the first set against Viktoria Hruncakova but she retired after losing the second set with an ankle problem.

Emma left almost in tears and only then did a series of very serious problems begin. Now the British player hopes that in 2024 things can change and the tennis player can compete again.

Emma Raducanu