Could Patrick Mouratoglou be the right choice for Emma Raducanu?

What if the French coach really joined the young British team?

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Could Patrick Mouratoglou be the right choice for Emma Raducanu?
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Patrick Mouratoglou talked about the young British tennis player Emma Raducanu in an interview with Sky Sports. Among various curiosities, the French coach also answered a question regarding his possible involvement in the young British star's team. "I know that she will be back and this is excellent news for British tennis.

She has suffered a lot both in tennis and in her results, then due to injuries. I hope she can find some stability around her because without her she won't be able to reach her potential and that would be sad. We hope that she can remain injury free at the same time at the start of the season and that she can find someone to help her fall in love with the game and tennis again for the future," explained Mouratoglou.

Could Mouratoglou coach Emma Raducanu one day? These are his considerations when asked: "I haven't thought about it but all I can say is: are you ready to trust someone? To trust a project and stick with it long enough to be able to make the real progress you need to achieve your potential? What hurts her so much are all those changes, because you can't change your tennis plan every three months.

It does not make sense. I understand that it is not easy to trust someone, but this is also what marks the players' careers," he told. What could Mouratoglou bring as Emma Raducanu's coach? The French coach has built a perfect alchemical partnership with Serena Williams.

But Serena is a tennis player who is born once in a generation. Emma does not have the same talent of the legendary American, but Mouratoglou could significantly improve the skills of the young Britannica. Especially in terms of strength and mental attitude, both in training and in matches.

Raducanu was overwhelmed by the pressure, after her triumph at the US Open 2021. She needs someone on her team to bring out her potential. Many fans accused her of dedicating herself too much to off-court life and sponsors, after the victory in New York.

Others have simply called her lucky and overrated. The truth, I believe, is that Emma is a good tennis player, but she needs two things. To dedicate herself completely to tennis (if that's what she wants to do) and to rely on to a coach who may really be able to follow his growth.

Emma, meanwhile, is ready to return to the court

After the surprising victory at the 2021 US Open, Raducanu experienced a very complicated period of her young career on the WTA circuit: the British first changed a series of coaches looking for the right stability, then she had to stop and undergo three different surgical interventions. The Briton will officially return to the court in Auckland in the first week of January to start the new season.

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