Iga Swiatek can fulfill her dream and complete the Career Grand Slam

Even though the Pole is purely a clay-court tennis player, she has the skills to win on all surfaces

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Iga Swiatek can fulfill her dream and complete the Career Grand Slam
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The world No.1 Iga Swiatek proved to be competitive on clay courts, but she also made progress on hard courts. Her dream would be to complete the Career Grand Slam and, to achieve it, she would have to win the Australian Open (doable) and Wimbledon (complicated, but she can do it).

The Pole, winner of 4 Majors during her career, is preparing the new season, which is now upon us. The big goal at the beginning of the year for her is obviously the Australian Open 2024. Her four Slam victories include the 3 titles at the Roland Garros and the victory at the US Open.

The 22-year-old is aware of the enormous potential and pressure that will be placed on her in Melbourne. Having to play with all these expectations is the cross that players of a stand-alone sport have on their shoulders. Knowing how to manage the pressure of the media, the fans, the event, the opponents and oneself is equivalent to 50% of a tennis player's skills.

Without this it is impossible to achieve what Iga achieved in his career. Swiatek is already a serious candidate for the final victory, in Melbourne. It's true, I believe there are opponents better skilled than her, on hard courts, such as Aryna Sabalenka, Elena Rybakina and Coco Gauff.

But, fundamentally, it will depend on the speed of the surfaces at Melbourne Park. If they are not particularly fast as, for example, in the 2017 edition (that of Roger Federer's victory over Rafael Nadal - ed.), Iga will have a good chance of being able to impose herself on her rivals.

The situation is different regarding Wimbledon. Grass is a surface she is not yet comfortable on. It's true that grass-courts are now slower than the super-fast surfaces of twenty years ago, but they are still grass-courts. In order to fulfill her ambition and complete the Career Grand Slam, Iga will have to take one last step to become competitive on this surface.

Can she do it? I really believe so. I have always been convinced that she has all the physical skills to be able to dominate on fast surfaces, even on grass court. She will necessarily have to get into a different mood, understand how to move on grass and try to improve the technical aspects needed to adapt to this surface.

Swiatek's words confirm her ambition

In an interview with PZU, the Pole explained that her priority, in view of this start of the season, will be to feel good physically, then the results will come. "To be honest, most of my goals when I look at next season are not result related, because more often than not I want my form to be stable for the majority of the season, to introduce things into my game that I didn't before.

existed, that I develop as a player and that my tennis is more varied. Over the course of my career I would like to win every Grand Slam and that is definitely the goal. But it's not the kind of goal where I'm like, 'Well, it's got to happen this year.'

I still have a little bit of time left," she said. When asked how long she plans to stay on the WTA Tour, Iga responded honestly. "I've thought about it, I admit that I don't analyze it too much because I don't know what situation I'll be in, for example, in five or ten years.

It's difficult to make predictions. I'm the type of person who likes to finish what I start, so I'll probably be playing for a long time. But, like I said, people change, life paths are different and you never know what will happen in 10 years.

So I don't think about it at all, for now I focus on training well tomorrow," she told. Swiatek doesn't usually dedicate a lot of time to social media, but now that she's in the preparation phase she has more time: "Now that I'm at home during the of preparation, the preparation regime for a match is much less, so I can dedicate a little more time to social media.

During the season and tournaments I use them much less because I also avoid these types of situations. Maybe they make me read something that catches my attention. Of course, there's a lot of hate now, so it's not like you can surf the Internet freely."

Iga Swiatek