Simona Halep rightly cries out her innocence, her haters are ridiculous

After what happened with the then removed ban of the British tennis player Tara Moore, the relevant authorities and those who accuse the Romanian should pay attention to what she says

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Simona Halep rightly cries out her innocence, her haters are ridiculous
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I have written this very often, recently in my editorials on Tennis World USA: what happened to Simona Halep or rather, the ways in which she was banned for apparently breaking doping rules, was deeply questionable. And, above all, we have always maintained that sentences cannot be shouted out without first having certain proof.

Simona is shouting about her innocence and, in light of what happened with the doping ban that was later removed from Tara Moore, the Romanian's haters should be careful with their accusations. It is certainly a very complicated period in Halep's career, who was provisionally suspended for doping.

The legal matter has not yet concluded and the Romanian tennis player will be able to defend herself in the next CAS hearing scheduled for February. The 32-year-old returned to talk about the situation in an exclusive interview with Euronews, commenting on how she is experiencing these last few months: "It's been more than a year now and every day is very painful emotionally, because I know I haven't done anything wrong and I know I'm clean.

So it came as a shock to me when I received the letter that my urinalysis, just my urinalysis, had tested positive for a small amount of a banned substance. I have always been against doping. I've been very vocal about it, so it never crossed my mind to do something like that in my life.

I struggled with the emotional aspect because it weighed heavily on my shoulders. The debate on the topic has had a huge impact on my mental health," said the two-time Grand Slam winner.

And Simona finds the support of several collegues

"The support is incredible.

The fans who support me unconditionally mean a lot to me. Even though I'm going through the hardest time in my life as an athlete, I know I'm clean. I have received thousands of positive messages and the most important thing is that no one has ever said anything negative to me.

So all the messages were positive and this gave me the strength to continue fighting every day, to clear my name and prove that I had done nothing wrong. My rivals have also shown me their support and I am very grateful to them.

We compete on the field, but when you are in the most difficult situation they are by your side and support you. I also get a lot of support from tennis legends who have spoken about me publicly," she explained.

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