Dominic Thiem shocks, he's very close to retiring: "2024 my last chance"

The Austrian tennis player, after the separation with his coach Benjamin Ebrahimzadeh, has raised many doubts about his future

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Dominic Thiem shocks, he's very close to retiring: "2024 my last chance"
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During a press conference held in these hours, the Austrian tennis player Dominic Thiem announced his separation from his coach Benjamin Ebrahimzadeh. The former US Open winner confirmed that he had already chosen his replacement, but did not name him at the moment.

The only certain thing is that the new coach is not Austrian. The decision was taken after disappointing results at the Australian Open. As Der Standard reports, Thiem will play three Challengers in March: Szekesfehervar, Zara and the Napoli Challenger.

After all, until Monte Carlo, he has no points to defend.

"So I can get closer to number 70-60 in the rankings and I can plan the tournaments because right now it's really tough. Every 250 is really difficult to deal with," he explained.

Then Thiem released words that make his fans tremble and cast many doubts on his future.

"I see this 2024 as a last chance, if I can I can turn around quickly. In what sense last chance? Well, I've been back for two years since my injury, in 2022 I finished as number 100 and in 2023 I finished the ranking as number 98. If I end up in these positions again I have to understand if it's worth continuing," said Thiem.

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The Austrian explained that his goal is to finish at least in the top 50 in the world. Regarding Gunter Bresnik's possible return as his coach, Thiem explained: "No absolutely. The new coach will be someone who has known me since I was young and I saw him as my last chance to try to come back."

Thiem has now confirmed that he does not have any physical problems and that he is ready to take to the pitch.

Dominic Thiem's crisis

The times of the victory at the US Open are very far away, the injury and the return to the field but Dominic Thiem has never returned to what he once was. There are those who blame this situation on the physical and those who instead speak of a psychological issue, the reality is perhaps somewhere in between but Dominic is working intensely and hopes to return as soon as possible.

In Australia, the Austrian tennis player was eliminated immediately, kicked out by the Canadian Felix Auger Aliassime, who was also in a clear crisis.

Dominic Thiem