Italian media crazy for Sinner. The same media that destroyed him with criticism

The young Italian champion is under the magnifying glass of the Italian media, but, as said by Sinner himself, on some topics they have gone further

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Italian media crazy for Sinner. The same media that destroyed him with criticism
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Jannik Sinner will play a second tournament at home, considering that he has his residence in Monte Carlo, where the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters, the first ATP Masters 1000 of the season on clay-courts, has just begun.

In his homeland, Italy, the media praised the young champion's exploits, posting article after article, photo shoots and much more. Jannik is a trend and therefore the Italian media, eager to attract new readers, have thrown themselves into tennis. Even the media that deals with many other topics and gets nothing right with tennis (this is unknown to them!).

Even some Italian sports media that previously unfairly attacked Sinner (such as some editorials published last year by several insiders of a well-known Italian sports journal). And this sports journal, a media little known internationally but famous in Italy, has gone from one extreme to the other.

Around mid-September 2023, some of his editors sensationally (and, I repeat, unfairly) attacked Jannik for having decided to skip the Davis Cup round in Bologna. An extremely fair and wise choice made by Sinner, who recovered from the efforts of the US Open and played a sensational final season in 2023. Then crowned by a super 2024, until now.

Obviously, many Italian media sensed the possibility of gaining many more readers, with Jannik winning. And there you have it, service upon service, article upon article. The case of a well-known Italian sports journal is the most sensational. From the editorials against Jannik in September 2023 to the real flood of articles on tennis and Sinner.

Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner© @janniksin X account

At Tennis World USA we have always been consistent, supporting Jannik and all the other tennis players who have faced difficult moments over the years. Moments of difficulty happen to all of us, including athletes, who must always be supported, not only when it is convenient to increase views and business.

And, a topic related to what I have said up to this moment, was analyzed by Sinner at the media day on the eve of the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters.

From the umbrella held by the ball boy to the tennis match with the child and his always measured and calm words. Jannik is much loved by the fans for his behavior.

And Sinner spoke in recent hours to the other Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, trying to moderate all the Italian enthusiasm that has been created around him.

"Maybe it's gone a little further, to me it just seems like I'm doing normal things. If you see someone who isn't well you help them and if a child asks you to take a few shots you do them, I don't even think about it. This is my way of life, on the pitch I'm serious but afterwards I like to joke. The only difference is that now I have more cameras on me and everything is amplified. Let's not exaggerate."

Jannik is absolutely right, he is a normal boy and a fantastic sportsman. I would also like to do an interview with him, but I understand the moment he is experiencing, the spotlight is always on, we will go when he will want, when he will have time to do, there isn't rush. Therefore, dear fellow Italian media, leave him alone a little and don't put everything he does under a magnifying glass!

Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner© Vogue Italia and @bittercoffeeh X account

But let's get back to talking about tennis

"The American swing went very well, now let's see how I react on clay. I have the same defects as kids my age, I don't wash the dishes when you finish eating and I take care of it two days later. In life I get angry too but they go once the moments are understood, there is time to joke or be serious.

My flaw in tennis is that sometimes I'm in too much of a hurry and I want to learn everything straight away but this thing risks screwing me over," said Jannik on the Monte Carlo media day.

Regarding the clay matches, Jannik explains: "Now clay begins and everything changes, difficult but interesting months await me. I invited my best friend to Indian Wells, he saw that whether I win or lose I remain the same as he met at school.

Winning has a weight but the most important thing is the affection. I remember when I was little and my parents came home from work, well it was hard work but they still smiled."