Here is Why Andy Murray Will Win A Grand Slam Before Rafael Nadal

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Here is Why Andy Murray Will Win A Grand Slam Before Rafael Nadal

Andy Murray hasn’t won a Grand Slam title since the 2013 Wimbledon; Rafael Nadal too hasn’t since his French Open win last year; Roger Federer’s wait is bit more long since the last time he won a Major was back in 2012.

Saving for one particular Novak Djokovic, the other three of the elite Big Four club have long been desperate for a big win. In other words, Big Four is all about the Serbinator of late. In the case of Federer, he still has the all-time record to his name to take pride in, but that’s not the case for Nadal and Murray.

If there is anyone who could break Federer’s record, that’s Nadal. In 2013, when the Spaniard won the French Open and the US Open, people predicted that he can eclipse the Swiss maestro’s record in a matter of years.

But injuries have once again slowed him down; the nearer he is to Federer’s feat, the harder it seems for him to close in on that gap. Murray, who is of the same age as Djokovic, and younger to Nadal only by a year, has only two Majors against Nadal’s 14 and Djokovic’s 9; the Scot has the same number of Grand Slams as Stan Wawrinka.

If he wants to live up to the reputation, there is no better chance than now where Nadal has become a less threat on tour. With the US Open only days away, Nadal and Murray are desperate to end their Grand Slam drought. But who will do that first? I’ll go for Andy Murray for two reasons -- A) His superior performance of late, B) Nadal’s prolonged slump.