Mid-match interview: Innovation or mere charade?

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Mid-match interview: Innovation or mere charade?

We know time is moving when we see Cyclops being replaced with Hawk-Eye, or when the net-cord judge with his index finger placed on the net had become an antiquated picture. Tennis has been evolving with time, itís charm being the only thing that stays same.

With the changing norms, itís typical to be nostalgic about the past and romanticise the same while staying guarded to change. Still, there is a common ground where traditionalists and liberals meet -- when things get pushed a bit too far.

Yesterday thatís what happened when Coco Vandeweghe was approached for an on-court interview by Pam Shriver during the changeover of her first round duel with Sloane Stephens. After Coco had won the first set, Shriver asked her what was she happy about.

ďI was really happy that I was aggressive, I tried to put pressure on her. She is serving to stay on the set. Be aggressive on her second serve and stay aggressive in the rallies so she doesn"t have an upperhand,Ē replied Coco.

Shriverís second question was about Cocoís strategy for the second set. ďTake care of my first service game, refocus, get back to whatís working be aggressive in the rallies, whereas she canít take the upperhand,Ē she added.

Is there anything enlightening about the aforementioned conversation? May or may not be, the call is yours. But would it have made any difference to the viewers? Not really.