Federer-Nadal-Djokovic: A generation like no other

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Federer-Nadal-Djokovic: A generation like no other

Rivalries perfect the art; Pete Sampras’ illustrious career owes much to his arch-rival Andre Agassi, and he has duly credited the latter for making himself a better player. Along came Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, taking rivalry to a never before seen realms, widening the horizons of tennis, keeping the fans hooked with their ever-evolving game.

It has become hard for us to picture tennis without the ‘Fedal’; that much the duo have influenced tennis. With Djokovic (28) and Federer (34) dominating the tour currently, it has been a while we had a youngster to root for.

Nadal (29) has been struggling with his form of late, but he will make a comeback soon, for sure. Although the Swiss maestro is facing the dusk of his career, his credentials of late speak otherwise. All these men may not have enough years in their hands, if they go unchallenged by the subsequent generation, there will be void; they have left some big shoes to fill. Nadal is of the opinion that the best player will be the one who will be able to improve more.

He believes what was different about his generation was, they competed for a considerably long time. There is the Big Four, and then the second-tier players like David Ferrer, who is known for his consistency. “The real thing is we are always, during 10 years, improved a lot of things.

So that's the thing that will make the difference on this new generation.” Nadal has high hopes for fresh talents like Borna Coric, who managed to quell him in Basel quarter-finals last year. Although the 18-year-old was humbled by Nadal yesterday, that wasn’t without winning a set against the latter.

“They are good. We didn't had one generation like this for a while. They are here now. That's good for tennis,” Nadal opined.