The Famous Sex Scandals in Tennis

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The Famous Sex Scandals in Tennis

Scandals are an occupational hazard in any sport, including tennis! With Nick Kyrgios recently saying nasty things to Stan Wawrinka over his private life, we look at some other sex scandals to have occurred over the course of time! Ilie Nastase The Former World No.1 revealed in his book ‘Mr.Nasty’ that he had slept with around 2,500 women, and that, “sex in those days was like taking a daily shower – you take one, it feels nice, then you forget it”.

Bill Tilden 10 time Grand Slam champion Bill Tilden was imprisoned for having sex with a male prostitute. The next time he was found groping a male hitchhiker with him ending in jail for a second time.
Flavia Pennetta The reigning US Open champion was romantically involved with former World No.1 Carlos Moya, only to find out Spaniard was cheating on her with a Television Presenter.

Pennetta admitted that she was clueless about their relationship. She recalled in her book - Straight to the Heart (Dritto al Cuore) that “I put everything aside to support him. If you count the times I did it, probably the number is in itself ridiculous.

My passion was him, I gave myself completely, and I lost my balance after the break-up. People felt sorry for me and I could not even defend myself. It was as if I had lost my taste for things. I was trying to be numb towards life, not to feel pain.

I did not even feel physical pain. A silly example: even when I was waxing, I did not even feel anything.”
John McEnroe Always open about his feelings, the American who went on to marry Tatum O’Neal said that they were high when they first slept with each other! “Being with Tatum took me to a whole new level,” McEnroe said.

The first time Tatum and I made love, we were high and it was terrible. It wasn’t as though she was saying, ‘let’s do drugs’. I was the guilty party also. It wasn’t a particularly romantic occasion.”
Boris Becker Becker’s marriage ended when he found out that he had a daughter – from another woman! There was a word about the German’s one night stand with a model in London’s Nobu Restaurant in 1999, an encounter that led to a daughter! “I don’t know if a bathroom is a better place but it actually happened on the stairs between the bathrooms so there was no broom cupboard,” Becker said.

“I felt very guilty, ashamed. It was my last day of tennis, now I’ve cheated on my wife. The first time I went back to Nobu I said, ‘how the hell did I do that?’ It’s impossible. It was one of those moments that happened in a fluke,” Becker added.

Francesca Schiavone Former Roland Garros champion Francesca Schiavone once said, “For a woman, sex before a match is not only allowed, it is fantastic – it raises your hormones and brings advantages to all your points.” The Italian was seen flirting with a guy in the crowd making gestures that need no translation!
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