Djokovic May Not Eclipse Federer, But He Could Surpass Nadal

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Djokovic May Not Eclipse Federer, But He Could Surpass Nadal

When Roger Federer was asked how many more Grand Slams he thinks Novak Djokovic could win, he replied, ďAre you kidding me? Clearly he can win many of themĒ, not without explaining why he was optimistic about the same. Apart from his rivalís consistency, one thing that Federer stressed on was the huge gap that divides the World No: 1 from his rivals; Federer thinks that there arenít many guys who could truly challenge the World No:1 -- an impeccable player who has mastered his art.

Federer is right, saving for him, there isnít anyone who could truly challenge Djokovic when the latter is at his best. At the age of 28, Djokovic has made it to double digits, a big achievement considering he had to deal with two of the best players ever in the history of tennis -- Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, who share 31 Grand Slams between them in a period spanning 12 years. After winning his maiden Slam at the Australian Open in 2008, Djokovic had to wait for 11 Grand Slams to pass to shed the ĎOne-Slam wonder tagí; in 2011, there was a sudden gain of momentum, a surge that saw Djokovic capturing three of the four Majors.

He got slowed down afterwards, but managed to stay on track, winning at least one Major every year, maintaining consistency. 2015 season witnessed another big leap, with Djokovic coming almost close to winning a Calendar Year Grand Slam.

Till last year, the Serbian wasnít really considered a strong contender in the G.O.A.T debate, but he will be, from now onwards. Whether or not he can eclipse Federerís record of 17 is still debatable, his age being a big factor.

A surge is always followed by a dip, ergo it will be too optimistic to conclude that Djokovic will have an equal or better season next year as well, especially with second-tier players like Stan Wawrinka finding his zen on the court of late.

Federer has managed to win all but one Major in a single season three times in his career -- 2004, 2006 and 2007; Nadal has managed so only once -- in 2010.