When it matters most, Andy Murray chokes

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When it matters most, Andy Murray chokes

Rafael Nadal has time and again praised Roger Federer, calling him the greatest of all-time; he even reminded us that it is unfair to analyse any player depending on the number of Grand Slams, adding that his greatest rival has an unbelievable record outside of the Slams.

A few days back, in Thailand, he congratulated Novak Djokovic for having an incredible season, ahead of their exhibition match. Nadal has always been generous with words when it comes to giving credit to his opponents. However, the one player who has impressed the former numero uno is neither Federer nor Djokovic, it’s Andy Murray; not that he admires the other two any less, but Nadal has singled out the Scott’s name while talking to Sky Sports about the Big Four.

Nadal has said Murray is one of the finest talents he has ever come across, but thinks that the latter’s Slam credentials don’t do justice to his reputation. Nadal was right in stating that had Murray converted the most of the opportunities in his career, it would have been a different story.

The current World No:3 had many a slip between the cup and his lips so far, making him one of the most unluckiest amongst the top players.