Beyond the Incomparable Run of the ´Santina´

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Beyond the Incomparable Run of the ´Santina´

Their partnership, much like the name in which they have evolved into, came about in the unlikeliest of manner. But the upward progression of Santina ¬– the amalgamation of Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis – has been remarkable throughout this season, making them not only the team to beat, but also one to be envied for their cohesion.

At the start of the year, Hingis had changed partners from Cara Black, with whom she’d had a good 2014 season, to Hsieh Su-Wei. It was expected that the partnership would thrive and their association would be more than just brief.

However, the teaming up only lasted for the course of four tournaments in the initial part of the year, with early losses coming about in half of them – including the Australian Open, where they lost in the second round and in Dubai, where they lost in their opening round itself.

It was somewhat of a similar situation for Hingis, who began her year continuing on to partner Flavia Pennetta, with whom she’d had success in 2014. This time though their team struggled, losing in the early rounds of three of the four tournaments they played together.

These tournaments included the Australian Open, where they lost in the third round and in Dubai and Doha, where they too lost in their first round matches.