Fall of the giants: Three shocking Grand Slam upsets from 2015

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Fall of the giants: Three shocking Grand Slam upsets from 2015

French Open final: Stan Wawrinka defeats Novak Djokovic -- 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4 People couldn’t believe their eyes when they watched Swiss No: 2 Wawrinka rout World No:1 Djokovic to lift the second Major title of his career in Roland Garros.

It was a year people looked forward to Roland Garros, for it would have been Rafael Nadal’s 10th title win there, had he won. But all odds were against the King of Clay, owing to his worst-ever clay court season stats in a decade.

Only hardcore fans of Nadal pinned their hopes on their King, the rest, placed their bets on Djokovic, who had been on a roll ever since the beginning of the 2015 season. Djokovic’s road to the finals wasn’t rough, saving for that gruelling semi-final encounter with Andy Murray, which stretched to five sets, and two days, owing to clouds.

Nevertheless, Djokovic had nothing much to fear about, for he had already humbled the King of Clay in the quarterfinals, and it was Wawrinka whom he will be facing -- somebody who has reached the French Open finals for the first time.

With Djokovic taking the first set, things seemed to be going in sync with the expectations, but Wawrinka soon turned the tables on the invincible Serbian’s hopes. What ensued was a battle between a nerveless man who had nothing to lose, and a player weighed down by expectations.

For the first time since the start of the season, and perhaps the only time in the entire year, Djokovic’s strategies turned out to be a damp squib against Wawrinka, who spotted his opponent’s Achilles heel. The Swiss blitzkrieged Djokovic with his powerful groundstrokes, denying him The Musketeers’ Trophy, once again.