Ten (and more) Tennis Players who have Wasted their Talent!

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Ten (and more) Tennis Players who have Wasted their Talent!

In every sport, there are players who are labeled as great talents. However, often these talents end up being wasted for various reasons. There are those who are unable to withstand the mental pressure, some who are overrated, and a few others, who are unable to play to the best of their ability because of physical problems.

Tennis is no different. There were mentions of there being a new Roger Federer, the next Pete Sampras and another Rafael Nadal, but often these mentions were wasted. Tennis World presents a list of ten such players, past and present, who have wasted their talent:
David Nalbandian and Juan Martin Del Potro.

David Nalbandian was a player with great prospects, but someone who could never subdue his behavior. In 2012, this led to his disqualification in the Queen's final for kicking a billboard and wounded the leg of the line judge.

Nalbandian's compatriot, Juan Martin del Potro's talent on the other hand, has been seriously affected with the recurrent injury to his wrist. Once a phenomenon, winning his first Major at the 2009 US Open, del Potro is slowly making a comeback now!