Don’t count them out: Why these Olympic Games are still worth watching

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Don’t count them out: Why these Olympic Games are still worth watching

With so much money spent and the culmination of so many world class athletes in one city, every Olympic edition, since the beginning of time has narrowly avoided disaster. Due to mass concerns about Zika virus, transportation, uninhabitable living quarters and lack of security; booking a plane ticket to these Olympic Games may not have been as easy of a decision.

While these Olympic Games have already been heavily criticized, here are 5 reasons why the Rio Olympics are still worthwhile. The best athletes still chose to attend This may seem like an obvious reason but many of the best athletes in the world still chose to compete in these Olympic Games.

And something that the biggest names in the sporting world bring with them is intrigue and their own set of fans. From Michael Phelps to Novak Djokovic, the most dominant names in all of sport still chose to participate at the Olympic Games.

Winning a gold medal does not make the recipient richer (at least initially) but being able to tell your future children that you represented your country still carries a great amount of weight and pride. Especially for athletes, who compete in disciplines that do not have an annual tour, the allure of being able to display their talents (on an international platform) solidifies the authenticity of their chosen sport.

Some of these athletes are only ever afforded a single chance to really make an impact on the world of sports and there is still not a grander stage than the Olympic Games. The name “Olympic Spirit” is contagious As stated earlier, every single Olympic Games since the beginning of time has been a near disaster, due to many different reasons.

The Rio Games have been heavily criticized for plethora of reasons yet, most of us will still probably tune in. And why is that? The answer is because there is something about the Olympics that makes all of us feel instantly more patriotic when we tune in.

Watching your fellow countrymen and women compete for gold medals is like being an honorary member of the team. When they win, you win and when they fail, you fail. Regardless of the city of Rio itself, when a spectator watches the sport of their choice, the outside problems of the city become a non-factor.

The Olympic Games have survived for this long and a couple of bumps in the road will not stop Rio from hosting a great addition.