ATP Finals: Is London its natural habitat?

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ATP Finals: Is London its natural habitat?

Over the years, ATP World Tour Finals has often changed names, its logo and protagonists, but above all, it has changed its locations. Since 2009, the tournament is played in London, at the O2 Arena, on a hard indoor surface.

In the past years the tournament has been chronologically played in Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona, Boston, Melbourne, Stockholm, Houston, New York, Frankfurt, Hanover, Lisbon, Sydney, Shanghai and again in Houston and Shanghai, before London.

Statistically, the location with more editions was New York, from 1977 to 1989, and now it's London. However, what will happen after 2018? Will the tournament be confirmed for further years in London or will it return to be a wandering edition, as before, and especially, as was the original idea, which saw it played in a lot of places across the world? Well, there would be some considerations to be made.

The first concerns the original idea of the tournament. The Finals should travel in what means an alternating location after a programmed number of years and editions. It is true that the economic factor also has to be evaluated.

London, currently (Brexit or not) can still be considered as the perfect location for the glamorous event and for the fantastic facilities at the O2 Arena. The Finals in London guarantee a great success, both economically and for the visibility of the tournament.

And yet, if a city or a location should be ready to take the baton, despite the beauty and importance of the British capital, the idea of returning the tournament around the world is to be taken into account. We would like to talk about the surfaces.

The continuing slowdown of the surfaces, in order to ensure longer rallies from the baseline, is honestly becoming tedious and boring. Whereas tennis players arrive at the end of year with little energy, the most logical solution would be to play on a much faster surface.

There's also a need to review the net game, which is currently disappearing. The ideal solution would be to change the location of the ATP Finals every three-four years, in order to give time to the next location to organize it at its best, and in any case the Finals could return to London, as has been done before.

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