Madrid Scorecard - Top Marks For Federer, Nadal Flunks


Madrid Scorecard - Top Marks For Federer, Nadal Flunks

Serena Williams: 10/10
After such a long break from the sport, many people thought Serena Williams would take quite a while to reach top form again. She proved all her critics wrong, however, as she trashed the Tour's hottest players in Madrid en route to her title.

Her win in the final over Victoria Azarenka was particularly inspiring. Superb! Victoria Azarenka: 7/10
Azarenka struggled throughout the event, and you have to give her credit for the way she hung tough in almost every match.

However, her performance in the final was poor at best, and she'll have to improve drastically if she is to hold on to number one for much longer.
Roger Federer: 9/10
While every other player at the tournament complained about the court and the conditions, Federer remained as cool as ever, and confidently dealt with an extremely tough draw.

The Swiss has won more tournaments than anyone else this year, and seems to be just getting started. Tomas Berdych: 8/10
Few would have picked Berdych to emerge from Nadal's half of the draw to play in the final, but the Czech put in solid performances all week.

He pushed Federer hard in the final, but still has some maturing to do before he can consistently challenge the top players week in and week out. Alexander Dolgopolov: 7/10
The Ukrainian's unusual style continues to confuse his opponents, and he played well throughout the week.

If he can build on his solid performance in Madrid, this youngster might just be a Top 10 player in the near future. Novak Djokovic: 4/10
Djokovic was unrecognizable this week, and simply couldn't cope with the tough conditions.

Yes, the clay was slippery, but his lackluster performance against Tipsarevic can only be blamed on one person – himself. With Federer in incredible form, he'll have to get better quickly if he wants to stay number one.

Rafael Nadal: 3/10
The King of Clay turned into the Prince Of Complaints in Madrid, never uttering a sentence without slamming the condition of the courts. While he certainly had valid points, one wonders how things would have turned out if he put his energy into his matches instead. Losing to Verdasco from such a commanding position in the third set is inexcusable, especially for the King of Clay.