Is Roger Federer ready for the last part of the season?

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Is Roger Federer ready for the last part of the season?

Roger Federer is ready to play the last part of the season, which will pass for the Asian Swing, the Basel tournament, and the ATP Finals in London. The Swiss Maestro has played one of the best seasons of his career, with 5 titles won, including the Australian Open and Wimbledon.

It is clear that he no longer has to prove anything, to himself, or to anyone else. But the desire to win, to astonish, to admire his incredible tennis, to the crowd, fans, and opponents, is too strong. However, we have to consider what his fitness will be after the US Open.

In New York, Federer alternated great performances with other swingers. Until the elimination against Juan Martin del Potro. A match with many regrets for the Swiss, who could win that challenge. At Flushing Meadows, Federer seemed far away from the best physical shape, seen between the Australian swing and the grass season.

Back injury was clearly not overcome yet. And the effects have been seen in New York. Unmoved mobility, and a preparation for the tournament only sketched by the Swiss champion. Too slim for a Slam like the American one. From here at the end of the year, Federer will probably play Beijing, Shanghai, perhaps Basel and Paris Bercy, and of course the ATP Finals in London.

This is unless there are other changes in his program due to physical problems. They are not very simple commitments, either because they come at the end of an intense season, and because the level of their opponents could grow.

And also for the psycho-physical conditions of Swiss. He could get tired and satisfied. Yet he still has great goals to reach. The number one in the world is not so far away. Despite Rafael Nadal is going through one of the best times of his career.

In addition, Federer could improve his score in the Masters 1000, and retouch his record of wins at the ATP Finals. Among these goals, the most difficult, it seems to be the return to world no. 1. Be for the points between him and his rival, both for the psycho-physical state of his nemesis.

However much will depend on the state of shape with which Federer will be present at the last tournaments of the year. When he is physically fit, in this 2017, Federer has been able to brag to anyone. even Nadal. ALSO READ: Roger Federer meets the kid cancer survivor .