The 5 best Davis Cup finals

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The 5 best Davis Cup finals

Davis Cup, or The World Cup of Tennis is the last challenge of the tennis season. This year the final will be between Belgiun, leads by David Goffin, e and France, leads by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. But during the past year there have been amazing challenges, in which the great legend of our sport faced each others in order to bring fame and glory to his country.
Tennis World would like to recall the Davis Cup with the 5 most exciting, important and legendary finals of its history.

5) Italy vs. Cile - 1976. The first and only historical Italian victory came in 1976. Adriano Panatta, Corrado Barazzutti e Paolo Bertolucci, led by Nicola Pietrangeli (a real dream team), defated Cile, at Estadio Nacional de Cile, Santiago, on clay.

They won the the final score of 4-1, writing history of Italian tennis. 4) Switzerland vs.

France - 2014. Federer and Wawrinka crowned an unforgettable edition, winning at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Villeneuve-d'Ascq, on clay, their first Davis Cup. An achievement which completed the amazing victories of the Swiss Maestro's career, who won the decisive point for his team in the match against Richard Gasquet.

Switzerland won 3-1. 3) Germany vs. Sweden - 1988. Germany, led by Boris Becker, defeated a super Swedish dreat team formed, among the others, by Stefan Edberg and Mats Wilander.

On Scandinavium, Göteborg, clay indoor, The German players won the challenge for 4-1, and they got the first Davis Cup of their history. 2) Great Britain vs.

Australia - 1936. One of the most exciting and historical Davis Cup final. Great Britain, leads by Fred Perry, won its 9th trophy in the Challenge Round, by defeating Australia on the Centre Court of Wimbledon, on grass, with the final score of 3-2.

On 2-2, Fred Perry decided the final, winning his final match against Jack Crawford, and giving to his team the 4th title in a row. 1) France vs.

Usa - 1927. Probably we are talking about the most important and significant Davis Cup final ever. On the Germantown Cricket Club, in Philadelphia, France team, composed by the four musketeers René Lacoste, Jean Borotra, Henri Cochet and Jacques Brugnon defeated USA of Bill Tilden on the grass court of Philadelphia.

In the 5th and last match of the Challenge Round, Cochet beat Bill Johnston in four partial, giving to his team and his country the first Davis title. It was the beginning of four musketeers legend! Source: YouTube .