Can Djokovic and Murray come back like Federer and Nadal?

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Can Djokovic and Murray come back like Federer and Nadal?

How many chances have Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray to come back in top-10, and win other Grand Slams, in 2018? Can they do like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have done in this amazing season? How can they find again their tennis?

There are so many questions surrounding the next return to the competitions of the Serbian tennis player and his Scottish friend / rival. Djokovic withdrawn during the mid-season, after Wimbledon. Murray has withdrawn on the eve of the US Open, for a hip problem.

Needless to say, theirs have been the worst season of their career. Murray won a single title in Dubai, while Djokovic triumphed in Doha (right in the final against the Scot) and on the Eastbourne's lawns.

Everyone was expecting a different year by the two tennis players, who dominated 2016, becoming the ATP ranking thriller. Instead, for one reason or another, they have been disappointed.  A not exceptional psycho-physical conditions, injuries, and poor perfromances.

In addition, Djokovic changed his team in mid-season by making Andre Agassi take over in Slam tournaments. Murray, among the various problems, also had the not be able to handle the pressure of being world no. 1.

Both are called to emulate Federer and Nadal, who have amazed the world in 2017. Djokovic and Murray, next season, will start more or less in the same conditions as the Swiss and Spanish started this year.

Will this be enough to get them back to top-10 and compete to win Slam tournaments? The answer is: yes it will. If they return to a good physical and psychological condition, they have all the cards in place to play a great season, and return to the top of the men's tennis.

Both have had time and way to recover their psycho-physical energies and injuries. The months elapsed from their last match to the beginning of next season should help them to return with an abundant athletic and mental freshness, as happened to Federer and Nadal.

The Serbian player might have as new coach Radek Stepanek, who could help him to improve some aspects of his tennis. The Scot will have to dispose of the hip injury and find confidence and safety in his tennis. Both can go back to top, as long as they remember who are Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic.