Who would win in a match between Roger Federer and Serena Williams?

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Who would win in a match between Roger Federer and Serena Williams?

Roger Federer and Serena Williams are the two greatest exponents of men's tennis and women's tennis. Probably the two greatest players of all time. If, hypothetically, they were to challenge each other in a match, who would be the favorite? Is this a comparison that could, and should, be made? Let's see what should be the most important variables in this clash of titans.

Both are of the same age, having been born in August (Roger) and September (Serena) 1981. Both are equipped with an all-around game, beginning with strong first serves. Their forehands are majestic, while their backhands are the contrasting points of their respective games.

Where Federer's backhand was considered a weakling in his overall tactical weaponry, now his one-handed backhand has become a formidable new weapon. Since his victory at the Australian Open 2017, where he defeated Rafael Nadal with his old weak point, he gained confidence in his shot, disarmingly for all his opponents.

Williams' two-handed backhand is a shot on which the Americana has worked over the years. It is very powerful, although less natural than the forehand. As we said at the beginning of the article, both are tennis players who like to play short exchanges, but have a different footwork.

Federer is more inclined to get closer to the net, to move slightly more. Serena pulls powerful shots from the baseline, and often she does not need a great mobility. However, for Serena, it would be very difficult to play at the net, with Federer tuning his drop-shots and volleys.

This could give the Swiss a victory over the American. Even with regard to rallies, Federer seems to have a faster footwork. These two factors definitely make the scales weigh down on the side of the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

But, would it be as straightforward as it seems? What do you think? Who won win the match between Federer and Serena? You can pick your answer in the following survey! ALSO READ: Are Nadal and Djokovic better than Federer in the best-of-three sets matches? .